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  1. Appearance of spots
  2. Presence of tears and holes
  3. Odor detection
  4. Impact of time
  5. Change of decoration

When do you say you need to change your sofa cover? Some visible signs can guide you, such as stains, spills, odors, etc. Others, less obvious, like dust, can also make you realize that it’s time to move on to another cover.

Since spills and stains are often unavoidable, we recommend you opt for washable covers. Apart from stains, dust can also cause you to change the cover.

You probably tell yourself that all you have to do is a vacuum to get rid of it, but things get a little more complicated beyond a certain threshold. This is because dust and other allergens can lead to excessive sneezing in allergy sufferers. Sneezing releases germs that pollute the air. At this point, washing or dusting no longer works.

Following the example of this phenomenon, we will reveal to you in this article other signs which will oblige you to replace your cover instead of cleaning it. If you want to know more about the cover, do not hesitate to visit our page, which summarizes everything you need to know about the sofa cover.


This is the most widespread and visible sign. An old cover can generally be recognized by the number of stubborn stains that do not disappear, even after several washes. If it is difficult not to stain your sofa, it is still possible to protect it with a good cover. Indeed, the key to increasing the life of a cover is to maintain it properly.

According to specialists, a well-maintained cover can last between 3 and 5 years. The trick to keeping your cover for a long time is to clean it as it gets messed up. When stains are treated as soon as they appear, moisture no longer seeps into the sofa. Cleaning the cover is also beneficial for the sofa, which is also protected at the same time. Apart from this maintenance, it must also be washed every month.

Unfortunately, the stains do not disappear, or it is tough to remove them after a while. For example, you will have more difficulty maintaining a white cover. So, take this parameter into account when buying your cover.

You can get waterproof sofa covers to delay the permanent encrustation of stains due to accidents or the turbulence of children.


As soon as you start noticing holes or torn parts on your cover, it’s a sign that it’s time to change it. When you switch to the super-stretch covers, the risk of tearing is fairly minimal but not impossible.

I suppose you might be wrong if you think a tear isn’t essential because it’s small. Indeed, it will very quickly grow and expand. So it is better to change the cover before the holes become a channel for my food and other products to seep into the sofa.

In general, the holes in the cover come from a collision with a button of jeans, for example. It happens that, at the time, the person concerned does not realize it to react automatically.


We give you some tips for overcoming tears and avoiding snags.

Pets are often responsible for tearing sofa seat covers. For this reason, it is advisable to cut their nails. You should also pay attention to your clothes. It would be best if you were sure you don’t have any spikes, studs or belt buckles on your clothes. You must also ensure that your cover is well placed and that each fabric portion adheres well to the sofa.

Although our covers are made with solid materials that protect them from snagging, however, when faced with sharp objects, tears are sometimes unavoidable. The best way to avoid this phenomenon, therefore, remains prevention. Also, have the reflex to inspect your furniture when removing the cover for washing. This is because there may be sharp objects that the fabric can snag on, which can cause tearing.

Once your cover has been cleaned, you must put it back on the sofa. It is recommended to flatten the cover with your hands to prevent some parts from being wrinkled. If necessary, turn over the part that is the meeting point between the fabric and the tear. You must understand that being especially mindful of tears helps prolong the cover’s life.


If you start to smell an unpleasant odor from your sofa, it’s time to change the cover (or maybe not). You should know that the odors you smell come from animals. A few blows of air fresheners are usually enough to overcome them and refresh the room. But it can also happen that the products do not take effect. If this is the case, discover all our tips for removing bad smells from your sofa. You know what you have to do: change the cover of your sofa to prevent mould development.


Like any object, the cover is subject to the effects of time. We specified above that it had a lifespan (of 5 years and even more). But this duration can be more or less extended depending on the maintenance. If you do not properly maintain your product, the impact of time will be more virulent, and the risks that the situations developed above will appear will increase.


A cause inherent to the owner is the change of taste in decoration. Indeed, you will have to replace your sofa cover if you want to change the style of your decoration. Like many people, you certainly know that fashion is changing.

We may have a specific style, but we often want to change. Whether it is the colour of the cover that you want to harmonize with the rest of the room or even change the style completely (from traditional to modern, for example), you will have to go through the selection process and bet on the patterns, the colours etc.

Final thought

At Housse Moderne, we market quality products of which we are very proud. They are solid, resistant and last over time. Of course, they are not indestructible. We are aware that accidents can happen. It is for this reason that the previous advice is valuable. If you take these recommendations into account, you can be sure of using your cover for many years. But if the damage is irreparable, you must change the cover. We can offer you other more economical and resistant covers. So if you think the damage to your cover is irreversible, don’t panic. We are ready to help you make the best choice possible. Above all, do not see this as a loss but rather a sacrifice for posterity. Your old cover has served your family’s interest for quite a while, and it’s time to make way for a new one.