How To Measure Your Finger Size - Basics

How To Measure Your Finger Size – Basics

Required items: Thin strips of paper, thread, and pen Wrap the paper or thread tightly around the second joint (thickest part) of your ring finger, and mark the overlapped area with a pen.

This will give you the approximate circumference of your finger. You can check your ring size against the size chart.

When measuring at a shop

Shops have an item called a “ ring gauge (size gauge) ” that can be used to measure your finger size. Engagement  Rings directly from 1 to 30 are included in the set, and you can actually put them on your finger and measure your own size.

There are shops that offer ring gauge rental services online, so be sure to check them out.

When measuring with a ring gauge, it is a good idea to actually wear it for a while to check the condition of your finger and to check if there is any discomfort when you remove the ring gauge.

Useful when measuring with paper or thread! Size correspondence table

The ring size is determined by the inner circumference of the Engagement  Rings online . When you measure yourself, you will need a thread, a ruler, and a magic pen. Choose a non-stretchy thread such as cotton.


To measure the size

[1] Around the second joint of the finger you want to measure, wrap the thread around the thickest part so that it is neither too tight nor too loose, and mark both threads with a pen where the threads overlap.

[2] Stretch the thread and measure the length of the part from the marked part.

[3] Select the closest number from the silicone rings size chart below.

Ways to Secretly Measure Your Fingers

It seems that our predecessors overcame the eternal problem of surprise proposals, “the problem of not knowing the finger size of the other party,” by following the standard method.

Is it worth trying!? Let’s use it as a reference.

1. While sleeping

Measure with a thread and a pen Wrap a thread around the second joint of her sleeping ring finger and mark it with a pen to measure the size.

  • Use a plastic cord to tie the wires together
  • It’s easy because you just have to wrap it around and fix it, but if you accidentally tighten it too tightly, you may wake up when you pull out the cord, so be careful.

2. Ask your friends to cooperate

If you are a close friend, you may be able to hear information such as your favorite design and image as well as size!

3. Ask her to wear a ring when shopping and remember

If it’s reasonable, you can buy it secretly and use it as a guideline for size.


If you’re unsure of your ring size, fear not. Jewelry stores typically offer a handy tool called a “ring gauge” or “size gauge” to measure your finger. These gauges usually come with a set of engagement rings ranging from sizes 1 to 30, allowing you to easily find your perfect fit.

Some online shops even offer ring gauge rental services for your convenience. To ensure accuracy, it’s recommended that you wear the ring gauge for a while to check for any discomfort or changes in your finger size.

So, don’t let the fear of an ill-fitting ring hold you back from finding your dream engagement ring. Use a ring gauge and shop with confidence.