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How to Make Your Submit to Spotify Playlists a Reality

In this article, we’ll cover best practices when submitting unreleased music to Spotify. You’ll learn how to reach out to the editorial team and what playlists to submit. We’ll also talk about reaching out to artists who are in the same genre as your music.

Best practices for submitting unreleased music to Spotify

Before submit music to Spotify playlists, you should understand how to do it. Usually, you will have to submit the details of the song you’d like to submit, along with a short pitch that explains what makes the song interesting. The more details you provide, the more likely you are to have your song selected. Once you’ve submitted your track, you’ll receive a notification from Spotify telling you whether it has been added to its playlist.

When submitting your tracks to Spotify, keep in mind that the playlists are curated by human users. The editorial team will select songs based on genre, instrumentation, and mood. Spotify will only include your track on a playlist if it’s curated by someone who already follows your work.

To ensure your track will get the attention it deserves, you should submit it at least seven days before the release date. This will allow you to secure release radar coverage and notify your followers to tune in to your release. Furthermore, submitting your music on Spotify will complement your direct pitching to preferred partners and help you build relationships with editorial curators at major DSPs. Strategic alignment is essential to ensure the smoothest campaigns.

In addition to submitting your music to Spotify’s playlists, you can also submit your songs to independent curators. These independent curators can help your music gain traction and increase your chances of being noticed by the Spotify editorial team.

Reaching out to Spotify’s editorial team

If you’d like your track to be added to playlists on Spotify, the first step is to contact the company’s editorial team. When you reach out to a playlist curator, make sure to explain what you’re looking for. Be sure to include social proof and other relevant data. For example, mention prominent quotes or features of your music.

Getting your music added to playlists on Spotify can be a challenging process, but it’s also not impossible. Getting your song on editorial playlists is highly competitive and often requires a lot of promotional work. Spotify typically considers track saves, play counts, and the number of playlists added to a track. In addition, it’s important to promote your track in the media as much as possible before its release.

The Spotify editorial team will look for good music and will place your song on a playlist if it meets certain criteria. It’s also important to note that they will not place a song that isn’t popular or doesn’t have any hype behind it. To increase your chances of getting your song on a Spotify editorial playlist, you should aim to build a good artist story.

Spotify has a team of 100 editors worldwide, which can help artists or labels get their songs on Spotify’s playlists. These playlists will help artists and labels get more exposure. With the help of these playlists, your songs can be discovered by thousands of people.

Identifying playlists to send your music to

When you want to submit your music to Spotify, you need to identify playlists that will feature your track. Many playlist editors will ask for track details, such as genre, mood, culture, and content. They may also look for remixes, covers, or instrumentals. Identifying playlists to send your music to can boost your chances of reaching the right people at the right time.

Spotify has a feature that lets you identify playlists and share them with friends. When sharing a playlist, you can either copy its URL or share it on social media sites. If you want to send your music to friends and family, you need to identify playlists that are popular in your area.

You can also identify playlists run by record labels. These playlists can have huge followings. Armada Music, for example, has dozens of playlists run by their official users. The UOAK playlist has almost 100,000 followers. And if you’re a new artist, you can try your luck on playlists run by established record labels.

If you’re an artist with a relatively low following and are unable to find playlists curated by other artists, you can always approach individual curators on social media and ask them to feature your music. If they’re interested in promoting your music, they may be willing to share contact information.